A downloadable game for Windows

Made by...

Víctor Hernando Mata - Lead programmer, game design, sound

Marc Lloret Dempere - Programmer, animation, game design

Marina Codony Lleonart - Art&animation, UI, game design, sound

DISCLAIMER: most of the background assets were gathered from online sources and repurposed. We only own the characters and the animations.


Aliens have landed on earth, and you must protect your farm from their seize at all cost! Be careful though, stepping on your own crops will ruin your own harvest.

Go defend your land, and get those nasty Tentacles off your Corns!


Clear out every zone of your farm from alien enemies. There are 6 zones, with two attack waves for each. 

  • If you die, you respawn at the start of the zone.
  • If you die three times, you restart the whole game.
  • If you step on your own crops, you lose life of your own too.


  • WASD to move in all directions
  • CLICK to shoot
  • SPACEBAR to jump and avoid being hit
  • TAB to change your equipped weapon
  • R to use the heal items



TentaclesOffMyCorns_itchio.zip 32 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the folder and run "Tentacles Off My Corns.exe"

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