A downloadable game for Windows

A gameJam made with SFML  by a team of videogame students.

The theme was... 


Made by

Víctor Hernando Mata 

Marc Lloret Dempere 

Elisabeth Alzueta Barea

Marina Codony Lleonart

DISCLAIMER: most of the assets were gathered from online sources and repurposed, as well as the sound and music.


Use limited wind blows to navigate your boat through sea obstacles, and reach the coast safely!

To upgrade your ship and make it more resistant, you must collect ocean debris:

  • Al level 1, you can only collect wood.
  • Al level 2, you can collect wood., seaweed, safety ring float and fish.
  • Al level 3 you can collect, additionally, barrels, kayaks and octopus.

If you collide with objects bigger than you, you die. If the object is your same size, you lose the materials you have collected.


  • With 'A' and 'D', rotate the ship in the direction you want to move.
  • To move forward, use the spacebar key.


Losbarquitos_itchio.zip 46 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the folder and run "App.exe"

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